as hosted service or local installation, vintoCON’s flagship product is available as a hosted CAFM solution. Many times it gets to be a question what does it mean as well as how secure can it be to store there sensitive data.

Let’s summarize the answer shortly to have a clear view about the opportunities: as a hosted web service

First of all is available as a web service which means it can be used without any installation, only a web browser is required to use its broad functionality. Let it be the maintenance workflow, a breakdown request or setting some tenants for a building part in the building tree structure, everything runs from a simple web browser.

For this there is a server running in the background that runs all the functionality and a database server that stores all the data and provides them to render the web pages. These webpages are not static views of the data but functional webpages letting the user to chose, set and store any kind of BIM data into’s database. All this data and calculation power is provided by vintoCON and ProFM Inc. as computer server hardwares and softwares running on them.

These hardwares are located both in the USA at a server farm working as stand-alone functional provider and in Hungary at a server farm to provide answers to the requests coming from Europe. These server parks work stand-alone, independently from each-other.

As the data stored on these servers are very valuable there are many steps made to protect them against hacking as well as to protect them from any unexpected hardware or software failure. uses strong encoding of data sent via the internet, and also the project code/user name/password trio helps protect the data from unexpected viewers or any kind of intruders. All data stored in servers are available only to those user accounts that have the user rights set so by our and our customers’ administrators.

To protect systems from data loss we do regular backups. There is a backup made of all databases every day stored for weeks, and there are also some older backups made from our customers’ database to prevent some missing or modified data if it were recognized only far later than within the normal daily period. installed locally by our clients

In some cases our clients would like to have a local installation of, that runs on their server hardwares, softwares and technological environment. In this case not just the application but also the database of their system run locally.

If this is the demand, then it can be solved without any hassles, there is a way to switch between the hosted and local installations of It is always up to our users to choose from these two business models, and the good news is that this decision can be done anytime.

It is important to mention that in case of a local installation our user needs to take care of purchasing and setting up the required hardware and software components, but we are always happy to provide help in that as well as we always contract them to provide software support services. These services cover typically the maintenance of hardware and software environment, but also we typically provide database audits, continuous trainings and technical support to our clients.

To run, a professional CAFM services is always more than just starting and setting up a software system, but a long term cooperation between us and our clients. We are happy that all of our clients are satisfied with our services, some of them for over a decade.

There is a nice prezi that shows the different hosting methodologies, it will help you understand the technology architecture behind