ArchiCADWhen running area management, planning and reports, the facility management system is available to our users both with an alphanumeric and graphic interface. ArchiCAD realizes this with 3-dimensional CAD software, which is integrated as an organic part to cooperate during graphic and database operations.

Because ArchiCAD is the most widely used architectural design system in Hungary, we have building models or at least electronic floor plans of numerous buildings. The system, similarly to its predecessor ArchiFM, can obtain an enormous amount of information from already existing floor plans. On the one hand this may significantly accelerate initial data uploading, and on the other hand it may serve as a basis for graphic operation at a later point.

Although drawing data handling is not compulsory, and in many cases it may result in too much work and costs, for example, in the case of warehouses or buildings to be demolished, in most cases it offers many advantages for users. Drawing data handling is very convenient, and it ensures safe and fast work for users dealing with facility management, for example, when planning where the individual employees will sit in an office block, or when planning a move, or in the case of the graphic listing of offices available for rental.

The ArchiCAD integration of the functions is so strong that all facility management functions appear in ArchiCAD’s own menus, and when viewed by the user this activity will be an organic part of ArchiCAD. The data can be modified on both functional sides, all data changes are realized both in the drawing and in the database at the same time.

Obviously, if a graphic file is attached to the facility management data, it is not compulsory to open and handle it on each occasion. All components of the software can also be used independently on buildings that have a graphic file portfolio anyway.