Asset Planning and Area Management

Asset Planning

Area management forms the basis of facility management activities. Characteristically it involves the well-organized storage and handling of large amounts of alphanumerical (numbers and text) data and graphic data. The operation tasks have to be effectively ensured using this large amount of data. For this provides structured views and data content in each view that can be grouped, filtered and searched for as required.
ArchiCAD integration

As the system is built on FM processes, out users can work with the tasks at hand in a comprehensible way, i.e. deal with tenants or manage assets. Area management involves the following module functions:

Core Area Management modules:

Asset PlanningAsset planning Tenant ManagementTenant Management

Frame modules (required for overal functionality):

DashboardDashboard FinanceFinancial module Human resourcesHuman resources management Company RegisterCompany register AnalysisReporting, Analysis

CAFM software represents the greatest use-value in facility management when the data handled can be easily analyzed, when the user can get a quick overview of the real estate portfolio at any time. supports this in a unique way by not just providing a simple tree view of the real estate portfolio structure, but calculated values and coloring can be requested to be displayed beside every single tree branch, which makes navigation easier. If, for example, you are looking for free, leasable office space in the portfolio, then in the appropriate view of the real estate structure you can have the available free space displayed beside each branch, allocate a color to premises that are larger than a given size, so you can localize free space easily. Similar structures can be freely created even on the basis of our user’s individual demands. When running area management, planning and reports, the facility management system is available to our users both with an alphanumeric and graphic interface. For this purpose integrates with ArchiCAD supporting the 3-dimensional visualization and editing in a professional CAD software, which is integrated as an organic part to cooperate during graphic and database operations.