archifm mobile – Mobile CAFM Application

Although facility management work is mostly planned at workstations in the office, on-site work is also an organic part of the process. This mainly stands for on-site work during the maintenance management work process, so the system contains a mobile application too.
archifm mobile - Mobile CAFM Application

Helpdesk for Mobile

With the help of a mobile device running a simple Android operation system the maintenance staff has access to the worksheets, they can look through the detailed work description and then report completion of the work and its work demand without having to go to the central office. They can even look at new work any time updated on a map, to see where the given work needs to be performed. As a result of this a lot of travelling time can be saved both by the optimal scheduling of the sites and by not having to travel between the centre and the sites.

Reporting faults from the site

With the help of the mobile application it is possible to report faults from the site, and even a photograph can be taken of the failed device to ensure easy planning by fault reports via the mobile application. In the case of preserving maintenance the exact GPRS coordinates are stored to make sure that the report is made from the equipment tested.