User Right Management

User Rigths ManagementIt is always critical business data that is handled in facility management systems. In most cases, after wage costs the second highest expense companies have is the operation cost of real estate This data must be protected with strong entitlement management to make sure that the data is only accessible to authorized people.

User right management in the system supports different user roles from many aspects. Each user role can be set up determining the functions that are visible or not to the user. An employee in charge of reporting faults can only access the fault reporting function, nothing else. Obviously the accessibility of the functions can be controlled in a simple way at administrator level at any time to suit the user’s demands.

Another dimension of entitlement management is the protection of data per client, per area unit, per building or per cost center. These can be determined in a simply way in respect of each user account, and access can even be controlled in groups.

The most detailed settings of entitlement management can be controlled at the introductory “low” level, too. For example, for certain roles or concrete users it can be determined that a given user cannot see security technology premises, wherever they may be in the world. These special criteria can also be changed at any time, but the customer’s cooperation is needed to determine them.