The Main Screen

The system has a unique approach to facility management, because it thinks in terms of tasks and processes. Instead of an ordinary software approach it follows users’ general way of thinking. It can be regarded as a well-organized website containing current property data, maintenance tasks with the possibility to perform their live, direct editing.

As opposed to facility management software the is unique in that it makes all essential user operations accessible via a single click. One single click is enough to look through the lease contracts in the premises structure, or for granting approval to start maintenance work, and the user can start working on the current operation immediately.

In order to ensure this simple comprehensibility we created a unique software interface, which consists of a main screen containing cards listing facility management tasks, and the operations to be performed are listed on them too. This main screen can be accessed any time via one single click on the house button at the top of the screen, but it is just as easy to enter or amend the necessary basic data during any data handling function, too. - Main Screen 

The creation of this structure was preceded by lengthy discussions with users and a long planning process, while developing the system we took into consideration the feedback from numerous reputable facility management specialists.