Asset Planning

Asset Planning

ArchiCAD screenshotFacility management involves two large groups of tasks: handling the data of a large amount of real estate and, in a given case, the related movable assets, and maintenance management. In the scope of the former task-group even a property portfolio, and the assets in the properties, located in several countries can be registered in a transparent structure, which includes the related contracts and data, and consumption information. Besides registration it is also important to maintain and handle this data and use it for decision-making.

Primarily the system handles the property portfolio in a tree structure, which can be customized. As the aim is to reach efficient operation, the structure is able to present accumulated or other special calculations and results with numbers and colors, which significantly accelerates navigation even if you are looking for available free area or area that will become free soon. These structural presentations can also be customized; several views can be prepared (listing of physical arrangement, leased unit, operation areas, free workplaces, etc.) depending on the required functionality.

The software registers lease data in the form of contracts, which contracts contain all the details of the lease contracts. The contracts can be allocated to premises or even objects, and the term of lease and proportion of lease (if certain premises are only partly leased or they are leased by several parties at the same time) is determined here relating to the given premises or assets.

In connection with this the system is able to handle even the rental of meeting rooms based on hourly rates, taking into consideration the lease conditions specifically relating to this.ArchiCAD integration

Objects, built-in furniture, building engineering equipment or even office furniture can be placed in the premises. Furniture moving is efficiently supported by drawing data handling, which can be used for any furniture or assets. Asset handling involves entire inventory data handling, which can be integrated with a financial system such as the SAP system.

The web surface of the facility management system handles facilities that only have a worded description as well as facilities with a floor plan. Drawing functionality is realized integrated with ArchiCAD, incorporated in the ArchiCAD menu system, as a part of the software.