How can I try it out?

As it is largely a web-based application the software system can be tried out or even put into use simply, without installation. Although it does not need installation, the creation of a new database and loading it with basic data determines whether the software system can be used successfully or not. Our staff will be very happy to help you with this at any time, just get into contact with us via any of the channels listed in Contact us.

The setting up of an initial/test system with a basic configuration (which contains the standards set up on the basis of many years of experience) can be realized in just a few minutes. This is now completely suitable for start-up, but through consultation with us our users soon get to grips with the possibilities provided by the software and find out the advantages that can be gained from it.

If instead of trying the software out a meeting in person or presentation would be more convenient, then we will be only too happy to accommodate your request. Our staff will be glad to show you the software in person or in the scope of an online presentation, during which your demands and ideas can also be easily discussed.

Don’t hesitate, contact us, we can help!