& OrthoGraph Architect open days

In 2014 one day before and one day after the Graphisoft IPC event we do open days. These days will be held together by vintoCON and OrthoGraph, two Hungarian software companies creating technologies that rely on BIM concept and have ArchiCAD compatibility. For more details download our official invitation letter !

vintoCON – the ArchiFM BIM FM concept has reborn as web application natively integrating with ArchiCAD. It is available as hosted service and enterprise installation too.Watch this short video for more details:and read more at


OrthoGraph Architect – the iPad building survey App with 1/3rd of its clients using it daily in 75 countries becomes available for distribution outside of the AppStore. Join the partner network, learn more about the opportunities on these days.For more information about OrthoGraph Architect watch this video:and read more at

During these days we would be keen to provide you with personal presentations of our applications and personal meetings about discussing business opportunities. Send us an email to András Szigeti with the time of an appointment when you can visit us in our office at Graphisoft Park (Zahony u. 7., Budapest, 1031, Hungary)

Enjoy making business with us!

Watch this funny video in 90 seconds introducing why it’s worth to be an partner:

We look forward to meeting you in Budapest!