at BIM Forum Portugal, 2014

Being the Gold Sponsor of the event, this year will gain even higher visibility at the upcoming BIM Conference, BIC 2014 to be held in Lisbon later this month. Over its permanent expo booth and a separate workshop will also be presented at the conference plenary session through a distinguished keynote speech from Mr. Kazuki Matsuoka representing Toda Corporation, a large Japanese client of vintoCON. During his presentation, Mr. Matsuoka will introduce their BIM FM system based on and customized for their specific requirements. This project is an excellent example to demonstrate the way of going beyond boundaries with a carefully designed BIM FM system: over the … presented on Graphisoft’s IPC Conference

Budapest 4/29/2014 – was presented on Graphisoft’s IPC Conference in April 2014 by vintoCON. Besides the technical presentations the focus was on partnering with vintoCON, and learning how to represent, sell and support technology on local markets. Many overal demos, and specific user presentations were held during the IPC days, and also the session was visited by a large audience. The partner network of is growing every day, check back to the list of partners on the Where to buy Page regularly., 3D CAD with BIM model and Google Maps as GIS

Companies with large building portfolios need also BIM FM. We at ArchiFM team extend ArchiCAD’s BIM building model to support nationwide coverage of FM activities with Google Maps integration. Check out this training video to understand the concept behind Google Maps + ArchiCAD + integration and its use for maintenance management. at BIM/FM events in Japan was presented at several BIM/FM events in February by Sherpa, the local partner of vintoCON in Japan. 5th February Japan Society of the Defense Facility Engineers Forum 2014 7th February BIM seminar OSAKA 2014Kensetsunews; 12th~14th February JFMA Forum 2014 as hosted service or local installation, vintoCON’s flagship product is available as a hosted CAFM solution. Many times it gets to be a question what does it mean as well as how secure can it be to store there sensitive data. Let’s summarize the answer shortly to have a clear view about the opportunities: as a hosted web service First of all is available as a web service which means it can be used without any installation, only a web browser is required to use its broad functionality. Let it be the maintenance workflow, a breakdown request or setting some tenants for a building part in the building tree structure, everything runs from …

New version released with ArchiCAD 17 support

There are lots of improvements in the new release of We have just released the new hosted version at the end of last week on our servers, and also we are going to update the local installations by our clients based on our service contracts. Some new features are: ArchiCAD 17 compatibility Accelerated graphical integration module New floor-plan graphical reports running directly in ArchiCAD’s floor-plan Simple to use toolbar in ArchiCAD Meanwhile we also upgraded our hosting hardware with new SSD-s which resulted in very fast response times for the growing number of users we have. Try out now, contact us for a free version! Japanese version has been launched at Graphisoft’s annual event in Tokyo

Annual ArchiCAD conference and exhibiton of Graphisoft Japan was held in Tokyo 2 weeks ago. The Japanese version of was presented with great success. Besides Sherpa, the local representative of vintoCON Ltd. András Szigeti, vintoCON’s head of business development also participated at the event and has given interviews to the local press: The interview with András Szigeti is available here. .

vintoCON seminar at Hong Kong Institute of BIM – 2013, September

vintoCON seminar at Hong Kong Institute of BIM –  2013, September The vintoCON’s seminar has recently been held at HKIBIM was a great success. The guest speaker, Prof. Tomo Cerovsek (University of Ljubljana), Authorized vintoCON consultant gave a presentation with the title of  ’BIM for lifecycle management ( from design to operation )’ and it went on at a full house event. The presentation itself contained numerous based real case studies, among others the huge development project at the University of Ljubljana supported by European Union. Mr. Tomo Cerovsek has already given a similar presentation at the International BIM Conference held in Porto this summer ( –  ’Events / 1 Intern BIM Conference ….’). on HKIBIM BIM Networking Seminar

An interesting topic about facility management and the use of BIM is going to be discussed on the next HKIBIM event: Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management – The path to the benefits of BIM for FM See more details about the conference at clicking the text/image BIM Networking Seminar in Hongkong on September 5, 2013 See the event’s details and the presenter Mr. Tomo Cerovsekon facebook at the following link: Join the discussions, this is going to be a very good place for networking, and also to learn from experiences using BIM for FM!