on 1st International BIM Conference

The 1st international BIM Conference is coming soon – Oporto, Portugal, 20&21 June 2013. As one of the sponsors will be used to present the usage of BIM for CAFM purposes supporting the longest period of time in the building life cycle. Sign up for the warm up webinars and read more about the conference at:

Reviews on vintoCON’s brand new BIM FM cloud service, in the Japanese press

There have been two new reviews on published in Japan recently. The reviews are about vintoCON’s brand new BIM FM cloud service, vintoCON’s local distributor, Sherpa Ltd. has thoroughly tested the software running on HP Z220 SFF workstation . They created FM database from several ArchiCAD graphical 3D models into through the use of HP workstations. The result was outstanding, the software runs smoothly at high speed while working in seamless integration with ArchiCAD’s genuine BIM models. „Facility Management has been paper-based process – in comibination with drawings and documents – so far. This method saves thousands of man-hours, I should say. Moreover, after personnel changes or … – Facilities Management goes into the cloud

Tokyo, Budapest, March 12, 2013 – vintoCON® and its Japanese distributor partner, Sherpa today announced the Japanese version of, the entirely redesigned cloud version of its renowned BIM based ArchiFM product portfolio including all CAFM/CMMS related functionalities, working in seamless integration with ArchiCAD. With the introduction of, vintoCON is now offering its proven BIM based CAFM/CMMS software solutions in the cloud, thus making them available on a subscription-based service. With this web service vintoCON makes its robust software solutions available for those who’re not willing to deploy local IT infrastructure and want to use high-end CAFM/CMMS services without making major upfront investments. includes all usual CAFM/CMMS related …