Tungsram Innovative Solutions (TIS) proudly announces the completion of the first Thesis work

Tungsram Innovative Solutions (TIS) proudly announces the completion of the first Thesis work supervised by TIS general manager Péter Hrobár and written by graduate student Tamim Abo Saleh at the University of Dunaújváros. The Thesis work, structured around IoTs and Data Science, is a valuable research paper inspired by ArchiFM. “I had a great time working with the experts from TIS and I learned a lot from them. The research was very interesting, and I would like to continue working with IoT related topics in the future” says Tamim. TIS carefully selects only the best students to work with. To support the selection process, we get help from Prof. György Ágoston, former Vice-Rector for Scientific and Research at the University of Dunaújváros, now also a consultant to Tungsram Group helping us strengthen University Relations all over the country. “Tungsram is strongly committed to support Higher Education and we want to find the most motivated and most inspired students. I am confident to say that we have a lot of them who are engaged, persistent, and willing to work hard for the best results,” explained Prof. Ágoston. TIS participates in the life of Universities on other levels as well. Our experts are on the list for regular invitees to present to future engineers about facility and property management, its technical background, and the latest industry best practices. “Students are eager to learn real-life knowledge and learn it from our industry experts. Our classes are always based on hands on experiences, and according to their feedback, students seem to really enjoy it,” explains Mr. Hrobár. “As a third step, we hope to develop a curriculum running for a full semester that would support the education of future facility management experts who are ready to cope with real-life challenges.”