Customizability – available even as a hosted service

Customizability CAFM software is also available as a hosted service (SaaS) besides the traditional CAFM system purchase models. This means to start using you don’t need to do IT investment, there is no need to set up an IT hardware and software environment, and in many cases you even don’t need to set up a budget for initial investment. What you only need is to subscribe for the service and start using it.

In most cases there is a demand to have the CAFM installation customized, this way it can reflect the standards of the company, and to have specific data fields, views, reports that are specialized to the requirements. It is also necessary to integrate the CAFM system into the existing ERP system of the company, so integration modules has to be created.

In case of many of this customization can be simply done directly by the user, some of them by a partner who is familiar with the product and in some special cases by us, the vendor of All of these three options will result in rapid results as all modifications needs to be done on one CAFM server computer (let it be a hosted or local installation), all modifications will be instantly reflected on the users’ machines.

Customization is available in addition to the hosted models on traditional user installations too. There is nearly no limitation of what can be changed. This applies similarly to the Hosted Dedicated Cloud construction too.

Please check the following table that shows different kinds of customization, and its availability in each cloud based model:

Functionality Hosted
Cloud Cloud Dedicated
End-user Partner vintoCON End-user Partner vintoCON
Set up environmental data
Modify status names
Add/remove severity/priority
Add/Edit/Delete Maintenance types
Add/Edit/Delete Equipment types
Add/Edit/Delete Location types
Add/Edit/Delete Spatial element types
Add/Eidt/Delete Asset Object types
Add/Edit/Delete Event resolution
Add/Edit/Delete Time log entry types
Add/Edit/Delete Extended attributes
Global formatting settings
Hide menu cards/menus on cards
Create and upload custom reports
Add/Edit/Delete custom e-mail templates
Edit Work order number format
Change work order report name
Rounding rule on time log entries
Rearrange columns in listview
Add/remove columns
Workflow related settings
Set whether to change status to started when printing work orders
Set whether to change task status when event status changes
Set whether to change work order status depending on event results
Set whether to change event status on task results
Change status workflow
ArchiCAD integration settings
Add and modify CAD synchronization settings
Upload CAD synch settings from Excel file
Advanced settings, administrative features
Data import from external sources: upload data from Excel file
Rename/change text in all fields and messages, localize application to new languages
Specify required fields
Add new properties to business objects(e.g. add new properties)
Change menu card favorite menus
Customize field captions (field name)
Show/hide fields in detail views
(e.g field, tab)
Customize detail view layouts
Set properties to be dependent on rules
Report Designer license needed