How can I use it?

There are various possible ways of using the system. Whichever you choose, it is possible to swap between them at any time. Your choice may be determined by convenience, but your financial resources may also influence your decision. It may be convenient for you in the hosted construction that you don’t have to deal with IT issues, or with the operation of the system, but the company may require local installation as well, in a rented or purchased construction.

It is also worth considering whether to have the system available on a CAPEX or OPEX basis, and if the decision-making phase is lengthy then it is possible to start uploading data to the system and use it in a hosted or rented construction, then, later on, when the decision is made, you can also purchase the required licenses.

As complete functionality is also available by monthly subscription, this may even offer a long-term solution to your needs. As a result of their numerous advantages, in many cases (e.g. in the hosted construction you don’t need to bother with IT infrastructure) these are suitable for permanent use as well.

Hosted CAFM service (SaaS) subscription

Cloud Service
The fastest and simplest solution is if you subscribe with a monthly fee to our software solution in the IT server environment operated by us. Then if the basic functionality of the system suits your requirements, then this solution can be put into use for a minimal one-off charge, then within the scope of a monthly subscription you can use it with a flexible number of users. As required, the system can be expanded or trimmed down depending on the number of users and which modules they operate.

The CAFM service set up and operated by us has full functionality, in its scope you have unlimited access to each and every component (including integration with an already purchased ArchiCAD). Mobile, onsite applications can also be used in this construction in return for a separate license fee but with full functionality.

Our servers are high-performance, divided and backed-up hardware architectures that can reliably serve numerous clients simultaneously. We host more clients on our shared servers with taking care on having good performance as well as providing fully separate databases. The name of this construction is hosted cloud version. Customers who wish to use our service on their own dedicated server managed and hosted by us may do so in the framework of an individual agreement. We name this construction hosted cloud dedicated version. This is typically required in case of large user loads or just simply in the case the user wants a separate own environment form others.

Please contact us for information or if you wish to place an order.

CAFM software rental

CAFM software rental
In many cases – mainly in large company environments – it is a corporate prescription for all strategic data to be located within the company network. Although our servers have a high degree of protection, which protection can be further strengthened according to individual demand (e.g. limiting access to functions to specific client IP addresses), these corporate regulations may demand that we have to located the entire system on our customer’s own server and IT environment. If our clients decide that they want to be able to flexibly expand the system, or if the number of users frequently changes, or instead of making a one-off investment they prefer to subscribe to a monthly fee service, then the best solution is to rent the software system. In the rented construction our users are able to dynamically change the number of software licenses they wish to use depending on how many users are using which functions. When setting up the system we charge a one-off installation fee and there are also costs related to customization (e.g. integration with the finance system, like SAP, etc.), after this all the costs that appear are included in the monthly software rental fee, which includes the possibility of continuous updating the system to the latest version and product support.

In this construction all of the facility management components in the system may be accessed with full functionality, however, it does not include mobile devices and the ArchiCAD graphic module. These must be acquired separately is required.

Purchasing the entire system

In many cases our customers like to purchase the entire system by paying a one-off fee, then install it and run it in their own infrastructure. Naturally, this is also possible, this means that for a single investment cost you can acquire all of the system components. This includes ArchiCAD as well as the components running on mobile devices. In this construction it is possible to expand the system at any time, and a decision to buy the system may also be preceded by a hosted or rented construction to ensure a higher number of licenses for the initial, system loading period or to ensure system operation.

Purchasing the entire system

Software support service

Software support service
It is important to note that setting up the facility management system does not just mean the installation of a simple software environment, during its operation the database develops organically. During use new demands and questions may arise continuously, and we also recommend that the database be periodically audited. As the basic system is also developed continuously, improved versions appear periodically, which are worthwhile installing on the systems already running. All these services and further, extra services are provided to our clients in the framework of a software support service contract. This service is a guarantee that the facility management system is always operating in a stable, reliable and up-to-date state, through this its value-creating services are continuously available.

Our software support service is included in the monthly service fees in both the hosted and rented constructions, however, if you purchase the system it is only a part of the package for the first year. When purchasing the system after the first year our clients can decide for themselves if they wish to continue to make use of our services or not, but on the basis of our experience to date our customers are happy to make use of this joint cooperation.