System Architecture

The CAFM system is especially flexible with regards to the set-up of the operating environment. Because the largest part of it is an application running in a web browser all you need to install on the client computer is the ArchiCAD graphic integration module. All CAFM functionalities, including planning, running entitlement-based reports and even the Dashboard run in the web browser, without having to be separately installed. The data handled arrives from the live, current database and any changes go immediately back to the central database.

In collaboration with the purchased ArchiCAD graphic software the ArchiCAD integration module ensures comprehensive facility management functionality with regard to both graphic and alphanumeric data. Graphic functionality does not only mean storing data on drawings but also their continuous maintenance, the running of graphic reports but also the convenient monitoring of moves graphically.

The system is also available in a hosted or rented construction, or can be purchased for a onetime fee. If required, it is even possible for the user to install it locally in the last two constructions.

The following presentation illustrates the architecture of the system:

Take a look at the  opportunities offered by the various constructions, their advantages and specialties, then check out our summary table, which presents the details of the three ways you can use it.